Second Shooter Services for Photographers 

Being new to the Jacksonville, FL area, we would love to support local photographers and get to know the community by second shooting. Our services are flexible and available for both event and individual sessions such as family, senior, or kids sessions. We have two lead photographers available for second shooting. Mark Kronquist and Jesse McDonald are each owner and operators of Eastern Sky Photography. We both lead and assist one another at various events and also photograph events and sessions solo. 
What We Do For You

With 13 years in the wedding industry, we have worked with many outstanding professionals who have made our jobs easy as well as helped us collectively deliver an excellent product to our clients. This is how we aim to do the same for you.

Support the main photographer during the event.
  • We will take the back seat and let you lead while still maintaining communication with you. 
  • We will never contradict you in front of a client.
  • We will always work to support your brand during the event including handing out your business cards.
  • Because we are experienced photographers, you won't need to answer basic technical questions in the middle of a session. 
  • We will photograph what you need us to photograph and assist when you need us to assist.
For newer photographers or those wanting a little more support, we will help guide you in any way we can. Every wedding photographer has their "first wedding" and we remember ours. We can step up and help you as you need on wedding day by making suggestions, being your eyes and ears, and keeping an eye on the flow of the event, all without your client being aware. 
We've Got Your Back
Wedding clients sometimes worry about all those horror stories they hear of photographers not showing up. Your clients won't have to worry about that. Instead, they will have the extra peace of knowing that if something unforeseen happens to you, we are fully capable of and comfortable with photographing a wedding solo. This is a value added bonus you can tell them from the very start. 
"They are my FAV pic peeps!! We LOVE them!!! They always have AMAZING ideas and ALWAYS have laughter!"
- Amy (Family Sessions
Admin Details
We believe smooth running business relationships can only exist with clear communication. Here are our answers to a few of the more common questions we see from leads looking for second photographers.

What is your equipment? We use Canon equipment including 5Dmark3, several lenses (wide angle, zoom, prime), and flashes. We are also comfortable with off camera flash. 

Are you willing to sign an NDA and/or Non-Compete Agreement? We are willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement indicating that we will not share your business secrets, prices, or practices with others. We cannot sign a non-compete as we are willing to take on full weddings of our own in this area. We can also provide you with a W-9 in the event you need to issue a 1099 during tax time. 

How do you deliver images? We are flexible on this. We can Dropbox them to you, you can download them at the end of the event, or we can use your memory card in our camera and return it at the end. 

Do you use images you take while second shooting? Any images we take while we are contracted under you are technically yours. We are not in the portfolio building phase of business, so we do not use those. However, if you post some on social media, we may share them from your business page.

What do you charge? For second photographer services we charge $50 per hour payable one week before wedding day. Checks can be postdated to wedding day if you would prefer. We ask this because we prefer to be in the "photo zone" on wedding day and business transactions detract from that. You don't need one more thing to remember that takes away from focusing on your client and neither do we.

For other second photographer services including non-shooting assistance or lead shooting, please contact us.